About Us

Likhwane Media is an outdoor media company specializing in cost-effective and innovative outdoor advertising packages that effectively deliver on clients' communication objectives.

Our vision is to provide comprehensive and affordable outdoor advertising solutions that yield the highest possible return on investment for our stakeholders.

To this end, our mission is to locate and provide access to inexpensive prime outdoor sites, and collaborate with other media owners to secure the best outdoor area coverage. We also work to educate our clients as to the benefits of outdoor advertising and to conceptualise the most appropriate and effective solution for their communication needs.


Likhwane Media is able to tailor make outdoor advertising solutions to meet client's specific marketing requirements, on all sized Billboards. We aim to develop sustainable marketing opportunities for clients in all growing South African municipalities, with a view to clients then using these platforms to promote social and economic values in these areas.

Our brand values are to be flexible, to be hands-on and to go the extra mile for our customers. We constantly innovate and rely on the latest technology to deliver ground-breaking media solutions to our clients. This flexible approach also allows us to adapt and reposition ourselves to cater to evolving industry circumstances and changing demand.